Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deja Vu Doll Day 4 - Greyt News

Hi! Doll here to report awesome news! I just met my forever family! They are the best - so loving, kind, sweet, and great at walking on a leash :-) I am so excited about my new home. I will have a brother greyhound, Charlie, one human sister, two human brothers, and two great parents. I am sooooo lucky and grateful. I can't wait to move into my forever home. I will be dreaming of them every night until they come back to pick me up this Saturday. I do have a picture of my new Mom Sherry and sister El with me to look at until I see them again. Tonight I am enjoying the next door neighbors, Evan and Matthew, who are great fun to be around. The boys throw me stuffies and give me treats. What cool boys to hang out with!

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