Monday, June 14, 2010

Deja Vu Doll Day 3

Doll checking in. I had a really greyt day today. I got my picture taken with a really nice neighborhood girl, Jordan. She likes dogs and I like kids... how greyt is that!?! I met a Golden Retriever named George. He was very excited and barked a lot. We had an excellent meeting and his barking did not bother me a bit. I hope I can hang out with him sometime. Just so you know, I have yet to bark or roo. I think I will save my voice for a very special occasion. After one of my walks, I showed Emma how to really play with stuffies. I threw the stuffies into the air as high and far as they would go. My foster parents are impressed with how easy going I am. Apparently, they think I am a happy-go-lucky dog all of the time.

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