Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mighty Mite Day 1 & 2

Hi, my name is DC Mighty Mite. I am full of kisses when I meet new people, and I think my foster parents fell in love with me from the first second they met me. Late Friday afternoon, I happily hopped into their car and they took me on a nice ride to my foster home. I may be small enough to sit in the front seat but the back gave me plenty of room to stretch out. I really enjoyed the wind in my face from the two open windows. When we arrived at my new foster home, I ran in my fenced in backyard and sniffed all of the new smells. Within less than 48 hours, I was able to navigate longs stairways (up and down) one step at a time. At first I skipped multiple steps which scared my foster Mom and Dad, but they worked with me and now I am a one step at a time girl. I am really excited to play with the many, many stuffies I found both upstairs and downstairs. I have so many, I try a new one each time. Oh yeah, I also found a bone with some sort of peanut butter inside I enjoy chewing on. The most startling thing I discovered was something called a 'mirror' which seemed to have dog in it that I couldn't get to. I was told that was just my reflection, but I am not sure I believe it yet. One more thing about me, I enjoy lots of affection and give plenty also.

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  1. Mighty Mite is soooo cute!! We'd adopt her but I think we are at full capacity!!